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Arthur Gerald Jones Dead for 32 Years, Arrested Alive in Las Vegas

The trading of commodities and stocks seems to be just a socially acceptable form of gambling anyway.

. Goodenough is still alive and it is a miracle problems had not raised their head with him before now.

At the time of his disappearance, Jones had been forced to sell his seat on the Chicago Board of Trade to pay a large gambling debt and there was speculation he was in debt to the mob. According to the wife he abandoned in Chicago, Joanne Esplin, Arthur Gerald Jones was once a big gambler while having a seat on the Chicago Board of Trade.

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Arthur Gerald Jones was thought to be dead after disappearing in Chicago owing gambling debts to the mob. On May 11, 1979, Jones left their Chicago home, saying he was going to run errands and never returned. Esplin said she thought he was running errands delivering money for the Chicago mob. The commodities trader was eventually declared legally dead, and life went on for his widow and three kids. Thirty two years later, he was discovered and arrested while living a second life in the gambling industry.

When arrested, Arthur Gerald Jones seemed to be living a quiet life in Vegas. He had used a stolen social security number all these years without being caught. She told investigators that he would play as much as $30,000 in one bet. However, when he went to renew his Nevada driver’s license this time, cross-checking security measures, set in place because of 9/11, finally caught up with him. It is hard to imagine what his wife and kids went through.

Known as Joseph Richard Sandelli to his girlfriend of the last 22 years, 72-year-old Jones worked in the Rampart Casino sports book. They found out the same social security number Jones had been using all these years belongs to a man named Clifton Goodenough. Now he is in jail facing charges related to identity theft. It is not surprising that a trader would also be a gambler

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